Mother’s Union

M.U Shyira Diocese
Mothers Union Staff

Mrs ABAKUNZI Mugisha Jackline

Shyira Diocese Mothers Union President

Mothers Union is an organization of women within the Anglican Church of Rwanda with the main purpose of promoting family well being. The Mothers Union was founded by Mary Sumner from England in 1876.The activities of Mothers Union were introduced in Shyira Diocese in 1984 with 4263 members who increase every year. It aims at demonstrating the Christian faith in action by the transformation of communities worldwide through the nurture of the family in its many forms.


Mothers Union Members Shyira Diocese

Mothers Union Members Shyira Diocese

Shyira diocese in particular is made up of 9 Archdeaconries and 66 parishes. These 66 Parishes are all branches of Mothers Union, as of 1st January 2019 Mothers Union had a membership of over 3000 women and are among the most active groups in the Anglican Church of Rwanda. We work under five objectives which are also known as our core values, these are;

  • Empowering Christians based marriage
  • Educating children Christian life
  • Empowering Christian fellowship
  • Family development
  • Assist families with various problems
    Mothers' Union Committee Shyira Diocese

    Mothers’ Union Committee at Archdeaconry Level


The PURPOSE of Mothers’ Union is to be especially concerned with all that strengthens and preserves marriage and Christian family life.


The AIM is the advancement of the Christian religion in the sphere of marriage and family life.


We have a sewing workshop that works all week days at

Mother Union Workers Tailoring Group

                                                                                       Mother Union Workers Tailoring Group

8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Canteen of Shyira Mothers’ Union started in 2019 in Muhabura Integrated Polytechnic Collage(M.I.PC) and i have opened it in Sonrise School.

Mothers Union Canteen in MIPC

Mothers Union Canteen in MIPC


There was an Assignment Regarding Mothers Unions Core Values and Aims.They Started the Practice in December /2018 until November/2019, Basing on the 5th Core Value of Mothers Union .

    The Parishes Scored the following Marks:

1.Gasebeya Parish /Gasebeya  Archdeaconry Scored 85.5/100

2.Musebeya Parish/Moma  Archdeaconry Scored 84.9/100

3.Cathedral  Archdeaconry Scored  84/100

4.Bushoka Parish /Jomba  Archdeaconry Scored 82.1/100

5.Nyakinama Parish /Nyamutera Archdeaconry Scored   82.1/100

6.Nyabizi Parish /Murambo Archdeaconry Scored   81.4/100

7.Rugendabari Parish/Rugendabari Archdeaconry Scored   78.1/100

8.Rukoro Parish /Gitare Archdeaconry Scored   76.7/100

9.Gihora Parish /Mukamira  Archdeaconry