Fathers Union


Father’s Union Sunday where 4 New Members were enrolled into Fathers Union, the ceremony was celebrated at Saint John the Baptist Cathedral of EAR Shyira Diocese

Father’s Union Mass Choir

Fathers Union Day were 8 New Members were enrolled into Fathers Union

Fathers Union Committee at St John The Baptist Cathedral

Today 11/July/2021. The Archdeacon of Nyamutera Archdeacon Venerable Jean Baptiste Kabaragasa officiated the enrollment of 13 Fathers Union new members from Nyamutera Archdeaconry,Nyamutera Parish.the Archdeacon thanked them for their encouragement in preaching the word of God in their homes and community and asked them to stand strong during this time when the world is fighting against this Pandemic and remain strong. He asked them to work as the head of the Family according to Fathers Union Vision and Mission.


The name of the Union shall be “FATHERS’ UNION OF EAR SHYIRA DIOCESE” F.U-E.S.D hereinafter referred to as “FATHERS UNION”

The vision and Mission for which the Union is established are:


To be a model fathers Union that promotes Christ-Centered families.


To ensure that family life is based on true Christian values that preserve a godly legacy.


The objectives for which the Union is established are to undertake or co-operate in the undertaking of all or any activities whose objectives is the promotion of the Christian family life in particular but without prejudice to the generality of the following :

  1. To mobilize, equip and promote Christian families for spiritual growth and development.
  2. To encourage husbands live according to the marriage vows and Biblical teaching.
  3. To equip parents with parenting skills to raise children in a godly manner.
  4. To identify challenges facing Christian families and to formulate policies and guidelines to address them.
  5. To support initiatives aimed at improving Christian family life by enabling individuals and groups to improve their conditions of living.
  6. To improve, promote and protect family life revolving on the Christian principles and values as reflected in the Bible.
  7. To provide consultancy, planning, financial and management services to or in connection with projects, programs and other related activities aimed at improving the status and condition of Christian families in Rwanda.
  8. To develop special programs to focus on the legal and traditional status of a Christian family and the role it plays in our society.