Gasebeya Archdeaconry

Venerable NKURIKIYIMANA Jean Pierre

Archdeacon of Gasebeya Archdeaconry

Gasebeya Archdeaconry started in 2005 when it was led by Archdeacon Canon NSABIMANA Jean Damascène in that time it had 4 Parishes namely GASEBEYA, MURWA, KIRINGA and MURAMBO. Today it has over 10,798 Christians and Members in the whole Archdeaconry all combined in 24 Churches 6 Parishes 5 Sub Parishes  2 727 Homes and 216  Home Cells.

Gasebeya Archdeaconry is located in BURERA District, BUTARO Sector KIVUYE Cell, it is Boarded by MOMA Archdeaconry in the South, MUKONO Archdeaconry in Byumba Diocese in the East in the North it is boarded by Uganda, in the West by MURAMBO Archdeaconry.

Gasebeya Archdeaconry gave birth to MURAMBO Archdeaconry in the year 2011. It was led by  Archdeacon NDAYAMBAJE  Jean  Baptiste who was replaced by Archdeacon KABARAGASA Jean Baptiste in  2013 until 2019, Today it is led by Archdeacon NKURIKIYIMANA Jean Pierre.

Archdeacons who led Gasebeya Archdeaconry

No                                           Names                Year
01Archdeacon NSABIMANA Jean Damascene2005-2011
02Archdeacon NDAYAMBAJE Jean Baptiste2011-2012
03Archdeacon KABARAGASA Jean Baptiste2012-2018
04Archdeacon NKURIKIYIMANA Jean Pierre2019- Until Now
All Archdeacons who led Gasebeya Archdeaconry

Gasebeya Archdeaconry has the following                              

5     Pastors

3     Deacons

6 Parishes

5 Sub Parishes

24 Churches

Gasebeya Archdeaconry has the Following number of Christians

10,798 Christians

2,727 Homes

216  Home Cells 

645 Mothers Union Members

51 New Fathers Union Members 

Gasebeya Archdeaconry has one Compassion Project supported by Compassion International RW 0840  Gasebeya with  262 Children

6 Parishes

5 Sub Parishes

24 Churches

Gasebeya Archdeaconry has the Following number of Christians

GASEBEYA Archdeaconry has 6 Primary Schools namely:

GASEBEYA Primary School 

KIRINGA Primary School

MURWA Primary School

RUGARAMBIRO Primary School

NYAMIYAGA II Primary School

MUHOTORA (9BE) Nine Year Basic Education

Gasebeya Archdeaconry has one Compassion Project supported by Compassion International

with  262 Children

Lay Leaders3
Sub Parishes5
Home Cells216
Mothers Union Members645
Father’s Union Members51
Primary Schools5
Secondary School1
Imishinga ya RW1
GASEBEYA Archdeaconry
Gasebeya Archdeaconry Church we have managed to install and bring in Electricity, water tanks ,water harvesting and collection system
Gasebeya Church Water Tank installation
We have started a new Church Project for building and constructing a new Sanctuary in Gasebeya, we have already designed the Master Plan for E.A.R Gasebeya
Front Perspective for E.A.R Gasebeya
Our wish that the church construction is finish this will  be the View
Gasebeya Church Project

As indicated in the Picture there has been much work done in the Construction of the Pastors House until now


As indicated on the Picture this Church is being Renovated to be up to date and meet the Vision of our Diocese. So we have started constructing a new Church up to Now we have managed to place in Metalic Windows and Doors

As indicated in the Pictures, Butandi Church was too old to be used anymore so we reconstructed it from the ground up to meet the Government standards  and meet the Vision of our Diocese. we started constructing the Church in 2020, we are starting the Roofing Stage

Butandi Church after Completion

E.AR Kabyaza

Kabyaza Church as Indicated in the Picture was replaced by the new Standard Church


Nyamicucu Church is not on Standard, Church members have started collecting all needed materials to start building a new Church that is on Standard

E.A.R Nyamicucu

E.A.R Butaro

The Old Church of Butaro was dismantled down and we started building the New Church which is on Standard, we are now on the finishing stage doing the final works we managed to build the hand washing stations as indicated in the pictures.