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Today on 9th/July/2021, The Bishop of the Diocese of Shyira Diocese met and shared with Sonrise Primary School Teachers and P6 Candidates to thank and encourage them. The Bishop shared from the Theme of the Year 2021 for the Diocese of Shyira found in Jeremiah 29:11 and also shared from Psalms 91 and he asked the teachers to be kind and good teachers and asked them to walk with the Lord because when you walk with the Lord he walks ahead of you, A student is a potential winner just give them a chance so that they can prove it. He concluded the Visit by Praying with the P6 Candidate who were having a Bible Study and wished them Success in the National Exams.

Today on 12/July/2021, The Bishop of the Diocese of Shyira,The Rt Rev Dr Mugisha M Samuel met with Sonrise High School Teachers and staff to review the recent academic performance, lay new strategies to work through Covid19 restrictions and thank them for the hard work that has raised the academic performance.The Bishop also shared from the Diocesan Theme of Jeremiah 29:11 and Psalms 91, he asked the teachers to be kind to the students , have that attitude that Jesus had and ensure that we leave no child behind academically and spiritually

Principal of Sonrise School


Sonrise School started with Sonrise Boarding School and in 2004 Sonrise High School was established. In 2008 Sonrise Nursery was established.

Sonrise School is a private Christian School under the Anglican Church of Rwanda/ Shyira Diocese. The Rwandan context and reality is such that the effects of the past are very obvious and the victims are children whose future is jeopardized. As a response to the crying needs, Sonrise School was initiated in 2001 by EAR Diocese of Shyira with the aim of making a difference, particularly in the way of caring for the orphans.

It has 3 Section

  1. Sonrise Nursery School Top Class,Middle Class and Baby Class
  2. Sonrise Primary School P1,P2,P3,P4,P5 and P6
  3. Sonrise High School Ordinary Level (S1,S2 and S3) Advanced Level with Arts and Sciences Combinations

“Sonrise School Motto”

                              LIGHT ON A HILL…


“To provide students a physical setting, educational agenda and spiritual environment that endow each child an inheritance of a bright hope and equip them for a full and productive future”


Sonrise School is an education institution committed to upbringing morally upright, God fearing and law abiding citizen

Core Values

  • Love
  • Complimentary
  • Integrity
  • Service
  • Stewardship


Sonrise School has IT department which serves the whole school community. Technology is embedded into the learning and teaching process whereby it facilitates both teachers and learners to have access them to do research work. The school is connected to the internet through Fiber optics.

Teaching and Learning Activity

Sufficient Teaching materials:

Rich Library

Computer Laboratories

Science Laboratories


Department of Arts

1. History, Economics & Literature    (H.E.L)

2. History, Economics & Geography (H.E.G)

3. Literature, Economics & Geography (L.E.G)

4. History, Geography & Literature  (H.G.L)

Department of Science

1. Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics (P.C.M)

2. Physics, Chemistry & Biology       (P.C.B)

3. Mathematics, Physics & Computer (M.P.C)

4. Mathematics, Physics & Geography (M.P.G)

5. Mathematics, Chemistry & Biology (M.C.B)

6. Mathematics, Computer & Economics  (M.C.E)

7. Mathematics, Economics & Geography (M.E.G)

8. Biology, Chemistry & Geography  (B.C.G)

Special Programs Applied for:

1. AP Program for International Students

2. SAT Classes

3. TOEFL Center for English Students

Carrier guidance for our students

Peer-to-peer learning

Study tours

Professional development



      Fees Category Fees paid by Parent/ Guardian
      School Fees & Break fast 75,000
      School Fees (No Lunch) 45,000
      Transport 30,000


Fees Category Sonrise Boarding Sonrise Day Scholars Total Fees  
School Fees & Break fast 300,000 100,000(With Lunch) N/A  
School Fees(No Lunch) 60,000 0 N/A  
Transport 0 30,000 N/A  


Fees Category Fees paid by Parent/ Guardian Total Fees  
School Fees(Boarders) 300,000 300,000  
School Fess(Day Scholars) 200,000 200,000  
Transport 30,000 30,000  

Boarding Student: 300,000Frw

Day Scholar Including Lunch: 200,000Rwf

S3 and S6 Additional Fee 20,000 frw

Note:  Every boarding student who passes in the first division (D1) is given a 20% discount on total school fees.

The candidate of P6, Senior 3 and Senior 6 there is an additional of 20,000 frw on school fees. 


Sonrise School is located in Buruba Cell, Cyuve Sector-Musanze District Northern Province.

On musanze Cyanika – Uganda tarmac road, at 3km from Musanze town, going to Cyanika boarder.


Address: P.o.Box: 154

Musanze District, North Province, Rwanda

Phone: +250 780394286(Sonrise Administration Office Number)

Phone: +250 788766698 ( Principal)