Confirmation & Baptism

Confirmation of 293 by The Bishop of Shyira The Rt Rev.Dr Mugisha M. Samuel on his pastoral visit, visited Murambo Archdeaconary, 

The Preacher was Ven. NKURIKIYIMANA Peter the archdeacon of Gasebeya a archdeaconary.

He shared from 2 Kings 5:1-6, he reminded people that obedience is very important, it was until Naman obediently accepted to go and dip 7 times that he got healed of leprosy. He said obedience to God’s word gives us good life on earth and eternal life later.

250 people accepted Jesus Christ as king and savior of their lives.

In attendance was the Executive Secretary of Burera District who represented the Mayor and was handed over 30 medical health insurance for the needy families from the local community.

We thank everyone who contributed to make this day beautiful.

Thank You Jesus For being with Us


Archdeacon of Murambo Ven. TWINOBUSINGE Augustin na Bishop of Shyira Diocese The Rt Rev.Dr Mugisha M. Samuel
Christians being confirmed by the Bishop of Shyira Diocese The Rt Rev Dr MUGISHA M Samuel
Memorial Photo of The Bishop, President of Mother’s Union  Archdeacons, Pastors, Deacons, F.U,& M.U & Y.U.& Sunday School &Boys Brigade together with Murambo Christians   
Praise and Worship of Murambo Christians 
Bishop of Shyira Diocese and those to be Confirmed 293
Mayor and was handed over 30 medical health insurance

Confirmation of Rugendabare Christians 

Confirmation 454 Christians, on this date of 03/09/2023 by the Bishop of Shyira Diocese, The Rt Rev. Dr Mugisha M. Samuel. The preacher was Ven. Kabaragasa Jean Baptiste , he shared from Jeremiah 15:19-20, He urged the congregation to serve God whole heartedly because God has done great things in their lives and in return they should serve Him. 324 people accepted Christ as their Personal savior
The Bishop encouraged members of the congregation saying that God is able to rescue people from every problem and he mentioned that they should be role models for others.
In attendance was the Vice Mayor of Burera District and other local leaders. The Bishop handed over 30 medical insurance to be distributed to the Needy people in the area who can not afford to pay for their medical bills.
It was a joyful day to the Christian’s of Rugendabare.
Praise be to God.
Confirmation of 420 members  on 15/08/2023 by The Bishop of Shyira Diocese, The Rt Rev.Dr Mugisha M. Samuel, visited MOMA Archdeaconary , Holy Trinity MoMa parish.
The preacher of the day was Ven. HABAMENSHI Cyprien. He shared from Matthew 5:14-23 He emphasized on how Jesus wants people to know their identity and said that Jesus is always there in times of trials and temptations.
253 people accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior, it was amazing to see both young and old coming for confirmation and accepting Christ as their Savior.
The Bishop confirmed 420 members of MOMA Archdeaconry and 50 members received from other denominations.
The Bishop donated 30 Medical insurance to the needy families through the Vice Mayor in charge of Welfare in Burera District who
thanked Shyira Diocese for the good partnership in development .
The Bishop requested people to pray more, support and learn from one another as we continue this journey for the Lord’s Kingdom.
He thanked the pastoral team and local leaders for supporting ministry in the region.
Glory be to God