Community Development Initiatives

Early Childhood Development

Shyira Diocese has 217 preschools working to serve the educational and developmental needs of the youngest in our community. In 32 of the schools, children receive an egg a day to supplement protein intake and fight malnutrition.


Sonrise School was originally created to provide housing and education to the orphans of 1994 genocide. Today, Sonrise honors its beginning by accepting half fee-paying students and half scholarship students in its nursery, primary, and secondary schools. The school is a national leader in education, with students earning top marks on their national exams each year. 

Muhbura Integrated Polytechnic College (MIPC) is a vocational school working to provide technical skills and training for youth and young adults in the Northern Province. The school has over 1,500 students studying a variety of subjects, such as accounting, carpentry, and tourism. 

Economic Empowerment

In partnership with Hope International, Shyira Diocese facilitates 928 Saving and Credit Associations throughout our four districts. The groups work to help members grow spiritually, socially, and economically by teaching them good financial management skills. 


Shyira Diocese operates two health centers in the Kimonyi and Buhuga communities to help provide adequate care. The centers are the middle step in the national health scheme, and typically see 50-70 patients a day. 

Water and Sanitation

Shyira Diocese works with a variety of partners to provide water and sanitation (WASH) resources and training to prevent waterborne illnesses and infections.