About Us

Who We Are

Shyira Diocese of the Anglican Church of Rwanda is an evangelical organization working to serve Northwest Rwanda in both pastoral care and community development.

We have 66 parishes that make up a total of 341 congregations with 69 pastors and 102,000 members.

Our Mission

To proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ, nurture believers, encourage and enable Christians to live after Jesus in obedience of the Holy Scripture.

Our Vision and Strategy:

1. Evangelism, discipleship and church growth

2. Pastoral training and leadership development

3. Spiritual formation in schools

4. Early childhood development

5. Initiate infrastructure development

6. Promote business adventures to sustain

Diocesan Ministries

7. Continue to promote reconciliation and unity

8. Promote holistic socio-economic

transformation development

9. Engage in partnership and strategic alliances